Security is our non-compromising obligation 

(1) Register in our platform

(2) Add your bank details of all of your accounts. IMPORTANT: Smaze will never store your bank details anywhere, and will not have access to enter into your online bank accounts.

(3) By using Smaze we have Read Only access to your bank details, we detect your recurring subscriptions, and with this information we are able to provide you a dashboard so that you can manage all your recurring payments in one place. We also provide suggestions on alternative subscriptions so that you can save money.

To access your data we work with a provider called SaltEdge, which guarantees the security of the information.


For Smaze to work we need to ask you to access our platform with your bank details. This is the only way we can detect what you are paying for and help you save money. Our priorities as a business are to ensure you are getting the best experience posible in a secure environment.

To do this 70% of our budget is invested in building a secure platform that uses the most up-to-date industry protocols. We request information from your financial institutions in read only access and your login credentials are never stored on our servers which means we will never have access or be able to make any changes to any of your accounts.

Smaze uses the highest security protocols recommended by the ietf in addition to 256-bit ssl encryption.
We leverage bank-level security when accessing your data so your confidencial information is never at risk.

Smaze uses sophisticated algorithms to identify and track your subscriptions, bills and fees. Our algorithms also help us make suggestions to help you save money.


Your privacy is of utmost importance to us and we will
never share your personal data with other parties